These questionnaires are not to be used on patients.

The translated questionnaires contains all questions that are being used, without explanations on the logic behind every questionnaire. When sent to patients, the questionnaire will contain only the questions relevant to each patient based on the type of surgery the patient has, or will, undergo.

Quetsionnaires regarding hysterectomies, ovaries and fallopian tubes, hysteroscopi, pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence and gynecologic cancer

Questionnaire prior to surgery 190115 (pdf)

Questionnaire 8 weeks after surgery 190115 (pdf)

Questionnaire 1 year after surgery 190115(pdf)

Questionnaires regarding repair of the perineal tear

Health prior to pregnancy

Questionnaire 8 weeks after repair of the perineal tear

Questionnaire 1 year after repair of the perineal tear